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As an older generation of drivers heads toward retirement, the demographics of trucking are changing.

Our GM of carrier operations discusses his journey in freight, how technology is revolutionizing logistics, and what makes Uber stand out.

From a clothing line for women drivers to a pioneering mentorship program, Sharae Moore is helping to redefine what it means to be a woman in trucking

We’re partnering with Geotab to offer free electronic logging devices and free service for 1 year to eligible carriers.

In honor of Veterans Day, we’re sharing stories from owner-operators who found success in the trucking industry.

Finding loads, electronic documentation, and payment with 7 days of submitting a POD are just some of the advantages carrier GP Trans finds with Uber Freight.

After launching in Europe earlier this year, we’re excited to announce our first North American expansion into Canada.

After a successful launch in the Netherlands and Germany, Uber Freight is bringing its logistics technology and operational prowess to Poland.

Emil Dixon says he was made to be a truck driver. Here he chats being his own boss, dealing with “four-wheelers,” and why he likes Uber Freight.

Watch to see a day in the life of an Uber Freight shipment and all the benefits a worldwide logistics innovator can provide.