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Year: 2019

These factors help ensure that no matter the market conditions, shippers will have the capacity they need.

Load bundles allow carriers to book loads and reloads together, tackling the problem of deadhead miles and making it more efficient to move from point A to point B.

With Powerloop, eligible carriers can drop-off and pick up pre-loaded trailers and get back on the road sooner, streamlining operations for the facility, the shipper, and the carrier.

As a new owner-operator, Robert Givens benefits from Uber Freight’s 24-7 access to loads and free quick-pay. He also takes advantage of discounts through Uber Freight Plus.

Limiting the number of empty miles on loads is a major priority for lowering IPP’s carbon footprint.

A new HQ and a $200 million annual local investment mark Uber’s continued commitment to Freight.

Brian Wcislo is the founder of Innovations Express. Now 10 trucks strong, Wcislo’s company has found success through outstanding drivers and technology like Uber Freight.

Our new web portal and redesigned app streamline the booking experience for carriers of all sizes.

From classics to your next favorite anthem, check out our list of tunes to keep you singing all the way down the highway.

MercuryGate users will have access to Uber Freight’s real-time pricing and guaranteed capacity.