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Year: 2021

Uber Freight predicts continued tightness based on indicators from long-distance truckload employment data, tractor sales, retail sales, and manufacturing indices.

Rural King, the American farm and home store, is leveraging Uber Freight’s Market Access solution to source capacity in a volatile market.

Recent facility ratings data indicates wait time is the top priority for drivers, followed by interactions with facility staff.

After closing the chapter on Deliver 2021, we’re pleased to announce this year’s winners. We’re proud to work with so many remarkable companies.

As online shopping continues to soar, small packages are moving to less-than-truckload (LTL) freight and LTL continues to receive truckload (TL) spillover freight. The demand for LTL quotes and shipping is far exceeding capacity. Logistics and supply chain experts report the imbalance is higher than they’ve ever seen, causing shipment delays and rising LTL freight…

Uber Freight’s shipper platform is growing with bulk load building—a self-service tool for shippers to quickly quote and build up to 50 loads at once.

At Uber Freight, we’re taking our support of shippers one step further with the launch of Shipper Platform in Canada.

This report examines how events such as February’s polar vortex affected the freight market in the first quarter of 2021 (Q1 2021) and what the future of procurement holds.

Today Uber Freight is expanding our bundled loads with new features, encouraging worry-free booking and maximizing weekly load and earnings opportunities.

After extreme storms across the South in February, Uber Freight committed to moving loads of donated supplies for free to Texas and other nearby states.